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Varick Announces Nielsen-Commissioned Study Shows Varick Drives Brand Lift Above Nielsen Norm Data

Varick, an audience-centric digital marketing company, released today the findings from a culmination of Nielsen Digital Brand Effect (DBE) studies. Through the research commissioned from Nielsen by Varick, clients can feel confident in both the sales-driving and brand-building effectiveness…


Varick Partners With Vistar Media On Out-of-Home Omnichannel Programmatic Buying

As targeting consumers across all channels becomes more important, Varick on Monday said it is partnering with Vistar Media to bring programmatic out-of-home (OOH) media into Varick's omnichannel buying solution...


If Advanced TV Is All The Rage, Why Aren’t More Marketers Flocking To It?

This year, we decided as a family that it was time to do a major overhaul on our home. This entailed knocking walls down, building walls up and – of course, the ultimate goal...


Varick Media Partners With Triton Digital On Programmatic Audio Ads

Varick Media said it has expanded a partnership with Triton Digital, a provider of tech services for the digital audio industry.   Now, Varick Media will use Triton's programmatic online audio marketplace..


As Agencies Ramp Up Advanced TV, Will Business Models Resemble TV Or Digital?

Agencies are developing skills and business models around advanced TV buying, just as they once did for programmatic buying. GroupM has a dedicated department in Modi Media. IPG Mediabrands’ Cadreon...


Efficiency Vs. 100% Viewability: Which Is The More Important Metric?

In 2012, the IAB first defined a “viewable” impression as one that’s at least 50% visible for at least one second. In doing this, the IAB initiated a slew of questions and concerns...


MDC's Varick Adds 'Decisioning' Engine, Replaces Manual Campaign Performance Decisions

MDC Partners’ Varick Media Management this morning unveiled the release of RECO, a proprietary decisioning engine capable of analyzing and optimizing a programmatic campaign’s...

Media in Canada

Varick Media Sets up in Canada

Here’s news that the world of programmatic advertising is growing in Canada: U.S.-based programmatic ad co Varick Media Management has announced its expansion here. And its hired former Bell Media exec and media...


U.S. Programmatic Firm Varick Sets Up Canadian Office

New York-based programmatic advertising company Varick Media Management has opened a Toronto office and appointed media sales and strategy veteran Gabe Dunlop as its country lead... Canada represents the second international ..


Varick Releases 'Alveo' For Agnostic Campaign Management

Varick Media Management, agency holding group MDC Partners’ audience and media-buying arm, has released Alveo – a planning, buying and reporting platform. Operating originally as more of an internal trading desk...


Meet the Math Wizards Who Rule the Murky World of Programmatic Buying

Andre Banilevi was moving through the final stages of a digital ad buy when things suddenly got weird. Working on one of the industry's automated -- or programmatic -- technology platforms...

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