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The Varick Impact

Our data reaches far beyond clicks and conversions. We empower our clients to inform all aspects of their marketing strategy, even offline activations and creative direction. See what our data-rich insights can do for you.

Full-Funnel Approach

A university sought out a way to effectively communicate with high school students, drive applications and increase the ROI of their media.

Connecting multiple platforms, we launched cohesive cross-channel media to capture the attention of today's distracted consumers and drive them to action. Navigating the advertising landscape and selecting ideal partners increased brand consideration 2.2x.

The Power of Granular Data

A web services provider wanted to reach small business owners and drive new account openings. Our unique access to log level data powered a granular analysis that achieved massive targeted reach, increased efficiencies, deepened audience insights, and aided new audience discovery. This data strategy helped grow their business and engage with over 25,000 new customers.

Powering Offline Ad Strategies

A full-service integrated marketing agency wanted to understand the behavioral drivers of their customers and elevate their offline activations.

A lotto client saw poor performance for their giveaway featuring a Toyota truck. We analyzed the profile of their site visitors and learned that this customer base prefers American car brands. This insight increased performance by 37%.

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